Is fresh, hormone-free chicken really better than conventional chicken? Or is this just a way to get you to spend more money? If you’re looking for the best chicken, it’s important to choose the total package, something that is organic, free range and hormone free. This ensures the chickens are fed an organic diet and allowed to roam around and get fresh air and sunshine.

Thankfully, the FDA prohibits the use of added or artificial hormones in poultry. This is noted on the label, along with an explanation of the federal regulations. However, we are referring to added hormones. Hormones like progesterone, testosterone and oestrogen are naturally occurring and essential for certain natural processes.

Below are six benefits of eating hormone-free chicken.

1. Great Source of Protein

One of the healthiest things about eating high-quality chicken is its protein content. The higher quality the chicken, the more protein and nutrients it has. This is because the chicken was fed a better diet. Just a single chicken breast can provide you with half of your protein content for the day, which you need to grow and repair cells.

2. Tastes Better

When chickens are fed a higher quality diet, they end up tasting better themselves! Unfortunately, conventionally raised chickens are often fed unregulated feed, and sometimes, shortcuts are taken to plump them up quickly. Most people report that hormone-free, free-range chicken tastes better compared to others.

3. More Humane

Poultry farms that take the time to ensure their chickens are properly fed and able to spend time outdoors tend to be more humane. They treat their animals better and produce less waste on average, making them more environmentally friendly, too. Even though the chickens still end up as food, they often have a better life in hygienic and humane conditions.

4. Might Meet USDA Regulations

Oftentimes, chicken marketed as hormone-free is also organic. All organic chicken is free-range as well, though not all free-range chicken is organic. If you do purchase fresh, organic chicken, you can feel good knowing that it’s disease- and parasite-free, safe to consume and meets the highest USDA regulations.

5. Will Not Contain Steroids

Usually, hormones and steroids are coupled together. You’ll often find on chicken packages “No added hormones or steroids.” Again, adding hormones or steroids to poultry is prohibited. However, consumers pay attention to this because hormones can be added to beef. If you’re wondering why chickens are bigger, it’s not because of hormones. It’s because of modern farming techniques!

6. Will Not Cause Hormone Disruption

There is some concern that conventionally raised chicken has the potential to cause polycystic ovarian syndrome in some females. However, this doesn’t come from the chickens themselves but rather the commercial chicken feed they eat. To ensure you get the best chicken, be sure to choose hormone-free, free-range and organic chicken.

As you can see, eating high-quality chicken offers plenty of benefits for your health. Not only can you get more protein and nutrients, but also your dishes will taste better! For freshly prepared chicken that is of the highest quality, stop into La Rosa Chicken and Grill!

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