When you order a combo meal from a chicken restaurant like La Rosa Chicken and Grill, you’ll be asked what type of dipping sauce you want with your order. Most people will stick to the sauces they know they love like barbecue or honey mustard. But the best chicken restaurants have a wide variety of dipping sauces to choose from, which can completely transform your meal!

Here are some of the best dipping sauces to enjoy with your combo meal. And when you visit La Rosa Chicken and Grill for lunch or dinner, be sure to try our signature La Rosa Sauce! It tastes great as a dipping sauce, as well as on chicken sandwiches!

Creamy Parmesan

Similar to Caesar dressing, creamy parmesan combines the flavors of dijon mustard, parmesan cheese and garlic. It tastes great on a chicken wrap, or it can be used as a dipping sauce for chicken tenders, bread or fresh veggies. Creamy parm is also a nice alternative to ranch!

Sriracha Mayo

If you’re looking for something with a little more kick, sriracha mayo is a great pick! It’s a creamy, spicy dipping sauce that pairs well with crispy chicken tenders and sandwiches. If you’re making the recipe at home, you can always dial back the spiciness, but at La Rosa Chicken and Grill, we pack our spicy mayo with plenty of flavor!

Tzatziki Sauce

People love tzatziki sauce because it’s light and fresh, using healthy ingredients like yogurt, cucumber, olive oil, garlic, lemon, salt and herbs. La Rosa Chicken and Grill keeps tzatziki sauce on hand for our fresh grilled chicken pitas, but you can also use it as a lighter sauce alternative without sacrificing flavor.

Creamy Buffalo and Buffalo

Buffalo is a spicy, zingy sauce that’s a hit with crispy chicken wings and tenders. A standard buffalo sauce gets its flavor from the vinegar, worcestershire sauce and spices like cayenne and garlic. The creamy version is a bit sweeter and creamier and works perfectly as a dipping sauce.

Honey Mustard

We also can’t deny the deliciousness of honey mustard! Plus, this dipping sauce tastes great with both crispy chicken and grilled chicken. Add it to any of our grilled chicken sandwiches or pitas, or request it as a dipping sauce for your chicken tenders. Either way, you can enjoy a smooth and creamy combination of dijon mustard and sweet honey!

Creamy Ranch

Ranch dipping sauce is another staple when eating chicken, pitas, veggies and even french fries! You can drizzle ranch on basically anything! La Rosa Chicken and Grill has an ultra-creamy version of ranch that blends together mayonnaise and sour cream with parsley, chives, onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper. You can’t go wrong!

Barbecue Sauce

Since we serve pork barbecue ribs, we have to know a good barbecue sauce! Another classic dipping sauce, BBQ goes on essentially any chicken sandwich or wrap. But, we think it tastes best as a dipping sauce because it’s tangy and slightly sweet!

At La Rosa Chicken and Grill, we know that customers like to personalize their foods. We make our sauces fresh and stock them regularly. If you need an extra dipping sauce, just let us know! They are the perfect addition to your chicken meals!

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